Pre-Contract Services



  • Budget estimates and cost planning

  • Feasibility studies

  • Preparation of Bills of Quantities and Builders Quantities

  • Pricing drawings and specification tenders

  • Pricing Bills of Quantities and Budget Estimates

  • Drafting Specifications/Schedule of Works







From initial cost estimates through to detailed Bills of Quantities and from budget estimates to Detail Estimates, all such work is regularly carried out to suit the constraints of time and budget.


An initial appraisal of the Contract Drawings/Details if available at this stage followed by a conversation with the client or builder to discuss the requirements and budgetary constraints will allow RDW Quantity Surveyors  to recommend the most suitable type of document for the particular project and/or the level of detail required.


RDW Quantity Surveyors have their own tried and tested estimating system which split each item down into labour, material, plant, sub-contract works, provisional sums, overheads and profit.   Each of these sub headings is added to give a total section value and contract value for each of these categories.

This provides an invaluable management tool which can be used for budgeting and as a basis of target resourcing the project to meet a programme and to produce monthly management accounts.   Also it can be used to ensure sub-contracted works are kept within budget.


Post-Contract Services






  • Interim valuations and applications for payment

  • Control of sub-contract packages

  • Contractual correspondence and disputes

  • Agreement recording and costing of variations

  • Cost/value comparison and Management Accounts

  • Re-measurement of works on site, or from drawings

  • Sub-contract procurement / management and agreements

  • Material procurements (buying)


RDW Quantity Surveyors are able to assist clients and builders to manage all of the financial aspects of a project throughout the life of the project including Interim Valuations, control of sub-contract works, recording and costing variations, re-measurement, contractual correspondence and notices and to assist the parties to carry out the works in accordance with contract.



Post-contract financial management by an experienced  Quantity Surveyor is often overlooked by clients and contractors which can, and often does, lead to contractual disputes and significant legal expenses and financial difficulties.

Final Account and Dispute Resolution


  • Preparation of Final Accounts

  • Loss and expense negotiations or preparation

  • Resolution of contractual disputes

  • Negotiation and agreement of Final Accounts/sub-contracts accounts












RDW Quantity Surveyors are able to take on, and resolve, Final Accounts for projects where there has been no earlier involvement.   We have much experience in this field and are able to quickly establish what is agreed and not agreed and submit a Final Account as well as sorting out sub-contract accounts at the same time back to back with  the main contract.


Loss and Expense claims can be prepared and submitted, or liquidated damages apportioned and relevant notices given in accordance with the contract.